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Ordinary Time

December 4, 2017Dana

In the Christian liturgical calendar, there are many bright events like Christmas, but the larger percentage of the calendar is called Ordinary Time. Ordinary time is defined as the rhythm of living out the routine of our lives. I have learned that the real challenge is how faithful I am to myself and my community and how disciplined I am during ordinary times. Living the Christian Year by Bobby Gross has a list of areas to concentrate on during ordinary times. I intend to make these areas my focus and goals through the coming year.

Hospitality – I intended to invite more people over without it being a over planned event.

My Body – While I have started to exercise more in the past years, I still eat poorly especially when stressed or overwhelmed. I’ve committed to eating to keep myself energized for work and workouts, feeling less bloated, and drinking more water.

Generosity – I have lived a generous life but at times (especially with family) I do not have enough boundaries. I do not want to become resentful due to lack of boundaries.

My Mind – I am working on my tendency of using critiques to become judgmental.

Justice – I do not know yet what I need to do here.

My Heart – I want to focus less on doing and more on sharing my heart.

Forgiveness – I hold things against some members of my family that I let go of then after an incident, I pick up again.

My Soul – I desire peace in my soul in the middle of so many people taking sides and political turmoil.

My Vocation – I have a new job this year after being primarily a stay-at-home mom for over 18 years. It means many adjustments and my goal is to stay humble and not feel shame for not tending to my children as I have before.

Daily Bread – I need a time of daily meditation.

Time for Rest – I know I need rest and not just physical sleep but a mental break. I commit to working less on the weekends.

Community – I will keep my workout community as part of my weekly interaction.

I cannot wait to see where this takes me one year from now.

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