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December 2017 Gems of the Month

December 5, 2017JARED

Each month, JARED (Jennie, Abi, Rosa, Emily and Dana) will share some items we are currently loving. This month, we’re focusing on gift ideas for your friends and family. Let us know your favorite gems in the PY Facebook Community!

Jennie’s Gem

stanley power stationI keep the Stanley Power Station in the trunk of my car and believe many on your gift buying list could benefit from this lovely apparatus! Not only has it come in handy when I have a dead battery, (who wants to wait for AAA or flag down someone and pray they have jumper cables) it is great to have during a hurricane. The multiple charging channels; AC, 12 volt and USB enable you to plug in fans and light sources while also having enough power and ports to keep your electronics charged. I wish this model was on the market when I made my purchase; this one has more power and charging channels. I’ve had mine for well over a year, it performs flawlessly, is simple to use and easy to recharge, I don’t foresee a need to replace mine with this cooler model anytime soon. Boo, but yay!

Abi’s Gems

custom cat pillows from aurespacesFor the pet lover in your life, I love these custom pet pillows. Of course, I’m partial to the cats, but they’re perfect for dog lovers too. I found these on Etsy in aurespaces‘ shop. So many cute ideas. And if you’re feeling extra creative, you could even get your own fabric printed at Spoonflower, and make your pillows! I love that idea too, but we’re too close to Christmas for all that work. Keep it in mind for next year, though!

Along those same lines of things we don’t have time for but are a great idea, Project Repat will take all your t-shirts and turn them into a beautiful custom quilt for a really reasonable amount of money. And it’s all for a great cause – they’re “repat-ing” textile jobs back to the US, and all workers earn a fair and living wage, full benefits, and paid vacation and holidays. Love it.

Rosa’s Gem

recovery brobeI got this for my best friend who is recovering from surgery. She said it was so perfectly comfortable, she plans to live in it for the next few weeks. Here’s how their website describes the Recovery Brobe:

“The Recovery Brobe is the FIRST bra + robe combination designed for post-operative breast surgery. The unique design includes pockets inside the robe to hold post-op drains, 2 pockets on each side. It also comes with a detachable, wire free, front closure bra that has pockets inside the bra to hold ice packs and/or a prosthetic breasts. The Recovery Brobe can be worn with, or without the bra – it’s detachable!”

Emily’s Gems

Texas Tables CookbookI love supporting small businesses or making purchases that benefit a cause that I’m passionate about.

  1. Bowl Buddies by sellabrations on etsy –  Perfect for that steaming cup of soup or frosty bowl of ice cream.
  2. Texas Tables, compilation cookbook from Junior League of The Woodlands – An elegant addition to any kitchen, this cookbook is filled with 240 delicious recipes from family, friends and local celebrity chefs. Proceeds benefit community programs in Montgomery County, TX.
  3. Endless Hoops by Go Rings – Founded on the belief that the products we buy can make a tangible difference in the world. Lightweight, hypoallergenic – the perfect go-to earrings
  4. Flourish by Margaret Feinberg – A beautiful 52 week devotional filled with coloring pages from one of my favorite authors and Bible teachers.

Dana’s Gems

scratch off mapI enjoy buying presents for my family that make dreams and plans reality. I have two recommendations for the traveler in the family. First, the scratch off map. I have also purchased a bulletin board to mount the map on in order to be able to use push pins, too. I enjoy the idea of scratching off where you have been and setting goals for future travels.

For the aspiring film student or just a movie lover there is the awesome idea of the Movie Pass. For a mere $9.95 a month you can go to just about any theater as many times as you like as long as it does not exceed once a day. What a deal!

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