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My Complete Trust and Confidence is in YOU!

December 27, 2017Rosa

Faith is a very common word used in our culture. We have probably all referred to it at some point in our life saying, “I wish I had enough faith”, “She sure has a whole lot of faith”, “It’s gonna take a lot of faith.” Or perhaps we have shared it as an encouragement to someone saying, “It only takes a little faith.” George Michael said it best, “You gotta have faith!” And I believe we all do. My faith may not look like yours, but we all have faith in some capacity.

fāTH/ noun

1. complete trust or confidence in someone or something.
“this restores one’s faith in politicians”
synonyms: trust, belief, confidence, conviction; optimism, hopefulness, hope
“he justified his boss’s faith in him”

Ultimately, we each have to decide where we place that trust or confidence. Some of us have chosen to place our hope in the wrong places or people or programs or even ourselves only to find ourselves frustrated or disappointed when what we thought would happen didn’t. That is not to say that community and relationships are not part of our faith journey, because they totally are! And faith is exactly that, a part of our journey. It was my choice to place my faith in God as a young child and then I reconfirmed that choice as a young adult. He is where my deepest faith is centered, but I have also surrounded myself in community with people who will not only encourage me in that faith journey, but also challenge me to put my money where my mouth is and REST in my faith.

faith in friendshipI have stood at a friend’s door in the middle of the night completely broken and hopeless and they welcomed me in and reminded me of where I had put my trust and confidence and that I needed to rest in that “out of my control, devastating, overwhelming” moment and know there was a reason I had put my faith in His hands. And He did work it out.

My community has walked with me through many seasons of marriage when faith was all I had to hold on to because two very young flawed people do not always grow in the same direction as the years go by and marriage is just not easy! And He works it out.

I have stood in the middle of a circle of REFIT® Warriors as I faced personal challenges and heart-breaking news from a friend and as their prayers of faith over me were lifted up, something inside me was awakened and the hopelessness turned to hope once again. And He worked it out.

There are times when I feel like such a loser because all we need is just a little faith and there are times when I can’t even muster up that much. Somewhere along the journey, I realize once again that it really does take a village! And I am so very thankful for mine.

We all need faith to pursue the journey and find our best self. If you are wondering how to move toward your best self, I believe the first step will be to put your trust and confidence in a firm foundation that will carry you through the journey. Find your community and when you feel like you are stuck in frustration, disappointment or are overwhelmed, they can remind you that there is hope!

Whether you are stepping out to accomplish something physically, emotionally, relationally, or other, know that you gotta have faith! We will all have seasons when the roadblocks seem out of control. Walk in confidence that the passions and desires that are inside of you were put there with a purpose for your journey. You have what you need to pursue yourself! So tell us, how has your faith helped you pursue yourself or what has been a roadblock for you to place your trust and confidence in a firm foundation?

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  • Sally Wilcox

    January 3, 2018 at 11:50 pm

    I am thankful for my daughter who is Rosa. Most of all I’m thankful that she loves Jesus. She reminds me that I did something right and that increases my faith.

    I know my faith is Christ in me. I have the choice to let Him reign or to reign myself. It always works out best when I let Him be King.

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