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No Faith

January 7, 2018Dana

Last week I was in the place many of us find ourselves. You know, having indulged in the holidays and then preparing to have a new body by the end of January. I realized as I sat down to think about how I would get back on track and start eating properly, that I have no faith. I honestly have no faith that I will be able to do it. 

That’s me, no faith. I sabotage a great deal of my plans by not having much faith in myself. I start with a great plan, then life happens. When life happens and it gets so busy or overwhelming then I look for a way to get out. This is when I end up with my ice cream cone from Dairy Queen – 10 minutes of happiness. I have no faith I can get through the hard day without the little bit of happiness I create with food, Netflix, or a glass of wine.

“Now faith is the giving of substance to what is hoped for, the testing of things not seen.” Hebrews 1:11. I felt I had no possible way to believe that the things that keep complicating my hope for a smoother existence would go away so I could eat better.  How could I create the reality of what I hope for, better health, if I have no way of ending my complications. My human nature says it cannot be done, no faith.

Jesus had it complicated – #itscomplicated. I have to remember that Jesus, called by God, was sent to have a ministry on earth and experience it as a man would. This means Jesus needed a break from ministry at times. Jesus was frustrated that these disciples (the team) weren’t very deep, fell asleep on the job and couldn’t grasp the long-term goal. He would head out to do his work and his mom probably made him stop to bring a snack. He also hoped his work could be accomplished some other way.

God asks us to follow the steps of Jesus. Therefore, if I’m going to do it I have to keep my eye on the prize like he did, no matter my team or other distractions. I have to take care of my whole person in order to be prepared and in the right mental and spiritual state to go where God has called. My calling has to continue in spite of others or the circumstances around me. I have to have faith.  #Faith – “investing the future blessings with a present existence, treating them as if already an object of sight rather than of hope (Hare, Victory of Faith).

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