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What’s your fitness style?

February 26, 2018Abi

Most of us here at PY spend quite a bit of time in workout clothes. Between Emily teaching daily fitness classes, Jennie’s new love of weight lifting, and all of us running together on weekends and dancing it out a few times a week at REFIT®, we go through some outfits.

Since we’re focused on style for the next few weeks, I thought I’d share some clothes that work best for me. Some caveats: I’m short (5’2″) and wide (185 lbs.) with the chest of a small boy, so what works for me won’t work for everyone. But if you’re short with a little junk in the trunk, these might work for you, too!

I live in capris – some designated for running, some for yoga. Honestly, I usually can’t tell the difference. I’ll tell you the pants I’ve had the best luck with for running, since I think that’s the trickiest. They have to be sturdy, not see-through, stay up through many steps of jiggling, and not show all my “effort” (by effort, I mean sweat in my lady regions.)

Number One Choice: Salar Powerhold Capri by Fabletics


salar powerhold by fabletics
^ that is not me


Performance: These are my long-run capri of choice. They never move. I’ve run probably 200 miles in my favorite black pair and the crotch area shows no wear. They truly feel like a second skin.

Sizing: I find Fabletics to run a little small/tight, so I started in an XXL when I was about 215 lbs., in these, and now I’m in an XL.

Price: I am a Fabletics VIP – which means I get good prices, but if I don’t log in every month on the 1st and skip the month, they’ll debit $50 from me. The $50 will go toward a purchase, so it doesn’t really cost anything – it’s just a genius marketing technique to bring me back to their site month after month. So these pants run anywhere between $35-$50 depending if you join their VIP thing. They also run deals, so it’s worth keeping an eye out.

Sweatiness: One word of warning, the only color I recommend for running or other high impact/strenuous activity is black, and possibly the darker prints. All other solid colors show every bit of sweat, which is quite embarrassing and unattractive, unless you enjoy the peed-in-your-pants look. I have them in a forest green and a burgundy color, and I’ll only dance in those.

Number Two Choice: Old Navy High Rise Compression Crops

old navy high rise compression capris
^ this tall drink of water is also not me


Performance: These are *almost my number one choice, but when it comes to more than six or seven miles, I start to notice them. There’s nothing in particular, it’s just the Salar capris are a little more comfy. But these are excellent too, and in general, WAY cheaper.

Sizing: I started in an XL in all Old Navy stuff and now I’m in a L. I’m actually in some awkward in between stage where XL falls down and L is a little too tight. But I do like the high rise because even if the XL is a little loose, they never slip down. XL in the mid-rise falls right down.

Price: I’ve gotten these capris for anywhere from $5 to $25 – generally, the lower prices. Old Navy always has coupons or super cash or something good. Look for the deals – never pay full price! These are by far the best value. When people ask me where to get workout gear, I always say Old Navy because of the affordable prices, pretty good quality, and consistency of sizes.

Sweatiness: These are the best for NOT showing sweat. I have them in a bunch of colors and prints, including a lighter grey (not quite charcoal) – no sweat marks!

Choice Number Three: Mesh Contender Capri from Athleta

mesh contender capri from athleta
^ def not me


Performance: These are really good for running. Very comfortable, and the mesh spots look cool AND are cool. Major plusses are a drawstring and the back pocket right at your lower back with a zipper. It’s big enough for a phone and doesn’t drag your pants down. I also like the idea of the side pockets but only tend to use them when I’m standing around – not when I run or dance.

Sizing: These are pretty similarly sized to Old Navy. I started with an XL and it was too big. Even with the drawstring, they’d creep down when I ran. And L is a little tight, but stays right in place. I also like that these have some curve cut into the calves, so the seem to fit just right all the way down your leg – they’re not just spandex tubes.

Price: By far the most expensive. This was a splurge at $79. I had a discount because I attended a POUND® class in the store in the mall. If you haven’t tried POUND® yet, you totally should. It’s a blast.

Sweatiness: Stick with black and you’ll be fine. I made the mistake of getting some super cool red ones that make me feel like Wonder Woman and and they show everything. One 5k, and I was totally embarrassed about my sweat marks. I mean, not embarrassed enough to do anything, but you know what I mean.

I’ll add one last comment about availability. Old Navy pretty much always has the mid-rise and high-rise compression pants. Both of those will serve you well for almost any activity, except maybe tennis (no pockets!). I’ve been a member of Fabletics since it launched and they’ve had the Salar capris the whole time. Athleta seems to change their styles a lot. I have not found the same pair of pants twice. I often see people recommend running tights by brand, e.g., “I love Oiselle, or I love Athleta.” But each model is different! Just like us. That’s why I tried to give some specifics because that’s what I always wish people shared along with their recommendations.

So that’s it! What’s your go-to fit wear? Share it in the community. If you’re just getting started, you really can’t go wrong with Old Navy. Find a coupon code and get yourself some capris and a tank with a fun saying on it and get moving. There’s NOTHING standing in your way.

Abi Beaty REFIT® Instructor
^ This IS me, wearing Old Navy mid-rise compression pants!
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