Abi Beaty

Abi BeatyI’m going to start with a little story. About a year after my son was born, I got a great job working from home. It was like a unicorn or a rare jewel – the perfect situation for my life and my family at that time. I still feel lucky to have found that job! I ended up working in that job for over five years. But eventually, I outgrew it. I was ready for a new challenge. When I decided to move to a different company in an office with coworkers, I was pretty nervous. I was out of practice regularly interacting with people face-to-face. I was out of practice wearing pants that weren’t intended for yoga. I also had a new commute, and I was definitely out of practice driving on aggressive freeways. I had to relearn all of those skills.

This is exactly what my journey has been like in every area of my life. My comfort zone gets a little too small, and I have to break out of it, but not without lots of fear, frayed nerves and some coping mechanisms. I want to have a full life, and I want to live it fearlessly. But that doesn’t come naturally at all. When we get busy with life, kids, family, and careers, things like developing new friendships and forming better habits get tough. Where do you start?

Each day I have to choose to step out of what’s easy and comfortable and challenge myself a little. For a girl who spent her youth moving from duty station to duty station, perpetually the new kid and always out of sync, you’d think it would be easier, but it just isn’t. Sometimes the challenge is small: lacing up my running shoes and heading out. Sometimes it’s big: going to grad school at 38 or hiring a personal trainer and *gasp* heading out to the free weights! Sometimes it’s confusing: going to lunch with friends when I might want to stay at my house sewing or reading. (Fellow introverts will relate to this challenge).

After struggling on my own for far too long, I understand now that I need a team, a tribe, a community, and that’s what Pursue Yourself is for me. I’m happy to be here with my friends – these smart, capable, inspirational ladies who are living life fully. I’m glad you’re here too – I think you’ll find the answers to “where do I start?” right along with us.