Dana Spinler

Dana SpinlerA lifetime of transitions and experiences molded me into the person I am today. Today, I find more contentment with me than I have ever had. I know me pretty well now. I know I am a professional listener, connector, and problem solver and I do it with charm and mirth. My teenage children enjoy my presence. What more proof do you need?

History – My strict conservative upbringing makes me understand feeling like an outsider. My professional experience makes me a professional listener and encourager. My life as a military spouse taught me duty and problem solving. As a wife, I have learned the gift of mutual sacrifice. Motherhood helped me take life less seriously. My friends have pulled me into the shared well of community where I can feel the blessing of love and shared values. My relationship with God teaches me I am well loved.

Today – Pursue Yourself is a tangible source for finding the beauty of taking time for you. In all of my transitions and experience, I have learned the power to transform your life is finding who you are and living her life to its best. I have had some hard transitions where I lost myself because I pushed myself aside while I cared for others. I grew stationary, sad, and grumpy. But, I learned and want to share with you how carving and sculpting out your identity is where you thrive instead of survive.