Rosa Hamblin

Rosa HamblinHi! I am Rosa Hamblin.

“I love Jesus, but I cuss a Iittle” – this is a quote that I truly relate to.

In 2012, I entered year 23 of being a full-­time mom to three great kids with all the “normal kid probs” who were growing up to be pretty awesome young adults with all the “normal young adult probs” and I was very excited and proud to be turning 40. But what I was not proud of, was how I had let myself be put on the back burner as I invested in everyone in my life and everything they needed. It was time to start pursuing myself! That is a very challenging step for mom to take and not feel “mom guilt”.

I was heavier than I had ever been, even at nine months pregnant. My diet was a “treat yoself” mentality laced with Diet Coke. I had cut off all my beautiful hair in an attempt for change that went drastically wrong. So I hit the gym and started choosing good for me foods. After a year of dedicating three to four days a week to my workouts, I had dropped two pounds. I tried a few fad diets, shakes, special drinks, added Zumba to my workout regimen three days a week and my weight stayed the same. Three years later, I finally found an eating plan that worked for me and within six months I was down 30 lb. My journey continues as I set new goals for health and fitness and attain them one at a time.

I am excited to have the opportunity to share pieces of what my journey has taught me and the things I have learned to let go of. I am also excited to get to share my journey with an amazing group of ladies I call my closest friends. I believe with all my heart that each person holds the key to their own success, but sometimes you need a friend to remind you to take the key out of your pocket and have the courage to use it! I believe in honesty and authentic relationships. I wear all the same hats many of you do: daughter, wife, mother, sister, friend, co­worker, non-licensed casual therapist, taxi driver, designated driver, confidant, lunch buddy, cheerleader, and probably a few more I am forgetting, but you get my point! We are all in this together! And there’s strength in the journey when you know you are not alone.